Recreation Area
Open to Parkway Center members
8:30am to 2:30pm, Monday – Friday

The Lounge
The Lounge is open for members to use. If you need to hold a meeting in a small place, this room is ideal. Just check with the Center for scheduling purposes. Otherwise, the room is available for your enjoyment!!

The Library
We have a library located in the Mezzanine. Borrowing books is on the honor system – borrow a book and return it when you are done.

Day and Time: Tuesday at 1:00 pm
Cost: Free to members
Bring a partner and have some knowledge of how to play. Join fellow “Pitch Players” in a friendly afternoon game.

Day and Time: Every Wednesday at 10:00 AM
Cost: Free to members

Day and Time: Wednesday at 1:00 pm
Cost: Free to members
Come and enjoy playing cards with other members here at the Center.

Prize Bingo
Day and Time: Thursday at 1:00 pm
Cost: Free to members
Have lunch before – just sign up the day before.

Day and Time: Friday at 1:00pm
Cost: Free to members

Red Hat Society Chapter – “Parkway Pin-Ups”
No Meetings in July or August

Wii Bowling
Day and Time: Monday at 12:30 pm

Day and Time: Friday at 2:00 pm
Mahjong is a wonderful game of skill, strategy, and calculation. There will be an instructor there, so if you don’t know how to play you can learn!

Social Club
Day and Time: July 14 at 5pm
Please sign-up to bring a dish to pass.

In order to participate in free programs, everyone is required to be a paid member of the Parkway Center.