Cars are meant for driving full!

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Owning a car or truck is generally the most expensive way to get around; driving also wears down roads, contributes to local pollution, and emits about 20 lbs of carbon dioxide to global warming per gallon of gas burned. The good news is, carpooling and sharing rides drastically cuts the financial and other costs of driving, while helping others and building a stronger community!

Costs of owning your own car or truck.

To calculate how much you’re spending, see Your Car Costs.


                             Low Costs           Average Costs

Per year               $4500                   $8000

Per month            $275                     $600

Per week              $80                       $150

Per day                $12                        $20


Legal Requirements, Safety and Consumer Issues

Below, find resources on legal requirements of driving, including licenses, registration, insurance, safety inspections and child safety seat requirements. For tips on buying a car, dealing with insurance, car repairs and understanding lemon laws, or resources for learning or brushing up on driving, or reducing your points or car insurance rates, contact Way2Go. (315) 223-3973.

The Oneida County Dept. of Motor Vehicles is located in the Utica-Boehlert Center Union Station 321 Main Street (315) 798-5749.

The Rome Dept. of Motor Vehicles is located at 301 West Dominick Street (315) 336-6790 on each Wednesday the satellite office is at the following locations:

1st Wednesday: Camden Town Hall
2nd Wednesday: Boonville Town Hall
3rd Wednesday: Bridgewater Municipal Bldg.
4th Wednesday: Sherrill City Hall

The phone number for the satellite office is (315) 790-8388

The hours are 10:00 a.m.-2:00p.m.

Foreign language tests are given 9:00 AM-3:30 PM Monday, Wednesday & Friday- Tuesday 10:00 AM- 3:30 PM.

Oral Permit tests are given the 1st Wednesday of the month by appointment only.

The New York State Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

Call for general questions and specific topics such as custom plates, road tests or identity cards. From area code 315, dial 1-518-486-9786.

Telecommunications Device for the Deaf: (TDD) 1-800-368-1186. 

Visit the Call Center online if you are calling from another area code.

The NYS DMV website has a lot of information on the legal requirements of owning and driving a motor vehicle in New York State, including:

Getting a driver’s license
Drivers from other nations
Registering a car that’s new to you or new to NY State
Insurance requirements and procedures — See also our Consumer Issues page
Safety inspections
NYS DMV Forms & Publications for print or preview

Child safety seat information

Carefully read the owner’s manuals for your vehicle and car seat before traveling with children. See also: Car Safety Seats: A Guide for Families 2009 by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Check to be sure that your child’s seat hasn’t been recalled at: Child Safety Seat Recalls, a site provided by the for-profit group

Roadside Assistance Services

1) Have your cell phone with you on the road, or buy and keep a charged prepaid phone in the car for emergencies. Your cell phone may even offer a towing plan.

2) Emergency assistance coverage
– Many car insurance companies offer emergency roadside assistance services, but you may want to check and see if and how your rates will go up if you use it.

– In addition, many car dealerships and even credit card companies offer emergency roadside assistance plans.

3) Car Clubs
– You might also consider joining a car club. Member benefits usually include towing, locksmith, battery, fuel delivery services, and other travel perks.

– You may want to research the lobbying activities of your car clubs. For example, Better World Club has a reputation for being more environmentally-friendly than AAA in its lobbying activities.

Some popular car clubs offering roadside assistance

AAA of Western & Central NY
Allstate Motor Club
Better World Club

Drive for less! 

Ridesharing: Why and How to Share More Rides

What is Ridesharing?

Ridesharing is the alternative to driving places alone. Whether it is to work, school, or running errands.  With ridesharing you can fill up the seats in your vehicles with friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers. There are a numerous benefits to ridesharing the most enticing of which is that gas money can be split among all passengers, saving you and everyone in the vehicle money!

How to Find Rides/Riders

Use your connections! Ask friends or family if they would like to participate in rideshare with you. Ask co-workers that live near you if they would like to rideshare for work. Ask neighbors even if you may not know them very well use this chance to get to know them and save.